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We are happy to introduce you to the development of effective voice assisted chatbots and voicebots using DheeYantra's flagship platform, Dhee.AI. Dhee.AI is a multilingual Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing platform that enables businesses to make their existing technologies capable for engaging and serving their customers (or the market) in the the latter's spoken language.

This documentation has been constructed considering beginners and experts alike. If you are new to Natural Language Processing and would like to learn the basic concepts, you could begin with our Introduction to NLP Concepts series - Concepts We Work On. The series also leverages visual storytelling as a means of helping you understand the key concepts of NLP.

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If you are an expert or business entity and would like to use Dhee.AI's premium developer platform to build your chatbots, you would use our exhaustive documentation for configuring your chatbot.

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