Monthly Reports

Explore monthly insights into conversation data analysis, paralleling the weekly examination for a more extended perspective

Much like the weekly analysis of conversation data, the Customers can analyze the conversation data over the month. The weekly reports can be accessed from Reports->Statistics->MonthlyReport. The key weekly reports supported by Dhee.AI are as follows.

Conversations By Day

Conversations by Day graph shows the variances of conversations across different days of the month.

Conversation By Language

The Customer could compare the preference of language by the users from the data available for the complete month.

Conversation by Device

Similarly, the Customer could compare the choice of the device by the different users across the month using the Conversation By Device Chart.

Conversation By Sub Device

Further analysis of the choice of the Operating system in the devices by users can be understood in the Conversation by Sub Device chart.

Conversation by Browser

Customers who are interested in understanding the choice of browser used by the User can use the Conversation by Browser pie chart for understanding and compare the users by browsers.

Conversation by Channel Type

As Dhee.AI supports widgets as well as support over social media like WhatsApp, it would interest the Customers to know the distribution of Users across different channel types. The Conversation by Channel Type provides an insight into the distribution.

Per day Engagement Time (hrs)

The Per Day Engagement Time presents a useful insight into the actual time spent by the Users with the bot. Time is measured in hours.

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