Customize Inputs

Tailor user input recognition for a more natural and efficient chatbot interaction

In this section, you have the power to tailor your chatbot's responses to a variety of user inputs, ensuring a conversational experience that aligns with your project's unique needs.

Explore the different directive types that can be customized to enhance your chatbot's conversational versatility:


Customize how the chatbot recognizes affirmative responses, including variations like "Roger that" and "Affirmative."


Define how the chatbot understands negative responses, encompassing expressions like "Negative" and "Not really."


Tailor the chatbot's response to user expressions of uncertainty, such as "Don't have a clue" and "No idea."

EOC (End of Conversation)

Customize how the chatbot acknowledges the user's desire to end the conversation, offering responses like "Terminate this conversation" and "Exit."


Craft responses that reflect the chatbot's appreciation of user satisfaction, with expressions like "Appreciate the help" and "Thanks for the service."


Tailor the chatbot's confirmation responses when a user requests to close the chat, providing variations like "Exit the chat" and "Please close."


Define how the chatbot responds when a user expresses a desire to speak with an associate, with phrases like "Talk with the associate" and "Connect me with support."


Customise the chatbot's response when a user wants to halt the execution of a specific intent, offering options like "Cancel this process" and "Stop the flow."

By customizing inputs, you empower your chatbot to interpret and respond to a diverse range of user expressions, creating a tailored and responsive conversational experience.

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