Multilingual Entities

Unlock multilingual support and expand your chatbot's capabilities with versatile entities

Dhee.AI empowers chatbots to seamlessly handle named entities while interacting with users across various languages. Within the Entities & Other Data section, specifically under Multilingual Entities, you can define and manage these multilingual entities effortlessly.

Here's what you need to know:

Defining Multilingual Entities

  • Specify key details including the language, domain, named entity, gender, and sub-type for each multilingual entity.

  • Supported named entities encompass a wide range, from locations and organizations to dates, times, and more.

  • You can even create custom entities tailored to your project's unique needs, selecting "Developer Defined Entity."

Generating Multilingual Translations

  • Use the "+" button to add an entity in English.

  • Upon saving, the Indic text is automatically generated for multilingual support.

Manual Translation Override

  • If you wish to manually define the Indic text or any other translation, enable the Review flag. This allows administrators to verify translations later.

Efficient Management

  • The user-friendly UI offers filtering and search functionalities, streamlining the process of finding and managing specific entities.

With Multilingual Entities, you're equipped to create a chatbot that excels in understanding and responding to users in multiple languages, enhancing the user experience across diverse linguistic contexts.

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