Intents define the goals the Customer wants to achieve when he/she interacts with our bot.

The intent definition should include the triggers which help in identifying the intent during the conversation with the Customer. Once an intent is identified by the chatbot, the intent definition should be complete with the information (entities) it needs to have for completing the action.

Create User Intent

You can create a new User Intent using the IntentsAndAutomation->Intents menu.

The above list shows all the configured intents for your current project. You can create a new User Intent using the + (Plus) button. Each User Intent requires

  • Name : Unique name to identify the intent

  • Description : Description for the intent

  • Is Top Level : Specifies if the intent is a top-level intent.

Edit User Intent

The developer can edit an existing User Intent meta-information using the pen icon in each row.

Use the Save to save the active changes.

Delete User Intent

The Intents Management Screen also provides the developer with deleting existing User Intents. The developer can use the Delete button corresponding to the Intent to delete it.

On attempting to delete, the Developer would be prompted for a confirmation to avoid accidental deletion.

Delete All

Additionally, the User has an option to delete all intents together. This is useful when Developer needs to delete multiple intents. The Delete All button on the top right of the Intent List allows the developer to delete all intents. As with the individual deletion of intents, the developer would be prompted for confirmation of his actions.

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