Dhee.AI facilitates testing of the bot before deploying. This is highly useful to figure out early bugs. The developer can test the bot using the Test and Deploy->Test.

The Test UI is divided into two key subsections.

Testing your bot.

You can test the Agent using the Test Agent section of the Test Module.

You can provide the language of your choice, along with Username and phone number. You could also opt to skip providing Username and phone number. This would invoke the agent.

You can now test your bot by communicating with it.

The bot would identify the intent and respond with prompts for providing slots, if it is missing.

You can use the Test Agent to test your bot within the sandbox environment.

Debug Insights

Dhee.AI also allows you to debug your bot and understand the behavior better. This is useful for developers in understanding the response of the bot to queries.


The Parse section allows the developer to debug the bot and understand the parsed information (described in JSON format). Developer can use these insights to define their bot better.

Extract Intent

If the developer needs to verify that the bot is correctly recognizing the intent in the test environment, he can use the Extract Intent section.

This would display the intent identified by the bot. The output is displayed as JSON. For example,


  "success": true,
  "result": {
    "userIntent": {
      "createdBy": "35dad000-9246-11ea-9ba6-69dfff26a0d5",
      "createdDate": 1644827200351,
      "lastModifiedBy": "e2b0c7a0-7b27-11ec-b23b-837257ce5410",
      "lastModifiedDate": 1645330104597,
      "id": "d5705d80-8d6f-11ec-b6a7-a372c48d3432",
      "name": "applyLeave",

Once again, these insights would help in further improving the bot performance.

Extract Slot

Similarly, the slots recognition could be debugged using the Extract Slot section.

Consider the following Text.

I want to take leave from 24th

Debugging the text in Extract Slot would result in the following

  "startDate": {
    "value": "24-03-2022",
    "tokenOrder": 7,
    "sentenceId": "fb37db2a-73f5-4ca8-a8d7-ebde25c0d78e"

Based on the configured slots and thier configuration, the bot would be able to identify the slots. The debug output is displayed as JSON

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