Train the Triggers

A bot when triggered, does the good work.

In the previous section, we configured the different inputs/outputs that are associated with the intent. The next step is to define triggers which would help the agent to identify the intent to use from the User utterances.

To add triggers, select the Trigger button under the Action.

Triggers allow you to define a collection of sentences or phrases which would be considered as a trigger for the intent. These could be explicit statements that help identify the intents or could be indirect references. For example, for the applyLeave intent, the user can interact with the chatbot in any of the following ways.

i need a leave
i am sick
I am planning some time off

You can also select to auto translate the texts to support a multilingual chatbot.

Each of the above states different ways a user might interact with the chatbot about the need for taking a day off. If the chatbot detects any of these, it would recognize the intent that needs to be considered as applyLeave.

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