Customize Outputs

Craft personalized bot responses and messages to enhance user interactions and engagement

In this section, you have the flexibility to customise the way your chatbot communicates with users by tailoring various agent outputs to meet your project's specific requirements.

Explore the different directive types that can be customised to enhance your chatbot's responses:

MY_EOC (End of Conversation)

  • Customise the message displayed by the bot at the end of a conversation.

  • Default message: "Bye. See you."


  • Tailor the welcome message when the agent label is not set, ensuring a personalised greeting.

  • Default message: "Hi User-Name! How can I help you?"


  • Customise the message displayed after the completion of an intent, guiding users to their next interaction.

  • Default message: "How can I assist you again?"


  • Define the bot's acknowledgment message in response to user appreciation.

  • Default message: "Happy that I could be of help."


  • Tailor the confirmation message when a user requests to close the conversation.

  • Default message: "Are you sure you want to close this conversation?"


  • Customise the message when a supervisor doesn't respond after picking up an escalated conversation.


  • Define the message displayed when a chat is being escalated to a supervisor.

  • Default message: "Please hold on while I transfer you to a customer service executive to serve you better."


  • Tailor the message asking users if they want to continue with their previous query.

  • Default message: "Do you want to continue with your previous query?"


  • Customise the message displayed after cancelling a process.

  • Default message: "OK, it's cancelled."


  • Define the message announcing chatbot maintenance is about to begin.


  • Customise the message displayed when the chatbot is undergoing maintenance.

  • Default message: "Sorry, I am currently unavailable to chat with you. There is a scheduled server upgrade happening right now to improve my performance. Please try chatting again after a few minutes. Apologies for any inconvenience. See you soon. Goodbye."


  • Tailor the message shown when the user is having trouble understanding the asked query.

  • Default message: "Sure, let me repeat that for you... {Original-Utterance}"


  • Customize the message when the bot is unable to understand the user's query.

  • Default message: "No idea, I don't know, I'm not aware of that."

With the ability to customise these outputs, you can create a chatbot that delivers tailored and effective responses to users, meeting their specific needs and expectations.

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