Triggers are parts of utterances that enable the bot to identify the intent to be used. Triggers can be defined using the Trigger Button (under Action) from IntentsAndAutomation->Intents.

Triggers allow you to define a collection of sentences or phrases which would be considered as a trigger for the intent. These could be explicit statements that help identify the intents or could be indirect references.

For example, for an intent for applying for leave, the user can interact with the chatbot in any of the following ways.

i need a leave
i am sick
I am planning some time off

Each of the above describes different utterances Users might use to interact with the chatbot and could be used to identify the intent. You can also select to auto translate the texts to support a multilingual chatbot.

Phrases which are three words or longer can be picked up based on it's meaning from any sentence by Dhee. Make use of it to do more by writing less. Sticking to phrases consistently within a project helps improve the overall accuracy of the bot too. E.g, Add "take a sick leave" instead of "I would like to take a sick leave"

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