The high class needs the cumulative numbers. You Sir, are high class!

Here you find a high level summary of how your bot is performing. Like the ones you see below:

Conversation Summary

A summary of conversations with the User is available in the Conversation Summary Section. These include

  • Number of Conversations (Yesterday)

  • Number of Conversations (Since last 7 days)

  • Number of Conversations (Since last 30 days)

Queries Summary

During each conversation, the bot could serve the users with several queries. The summary of queries served by the bot is available in the Query Summary section. These include

  • Number of Queries Served (Yesterday)

  • Number of Queries Served (Since Last 7 Days)

  • Number of Queries Served (Since last 30 days)

Average Queries Summary

The average number of Queries served per conversation can be obtained from the Average Queries Summary Report. These include

  • Average Queries Per Conversation (Since Yesterday)

  • Average Queries Per Conversation (Since last 7 days)

  • Average Queries Per Conversation (Since last 30 days)

User Summary

Reports on Users who have used the bot can be summarized in the User Summary Report. These include

  • Number of Users (All time)

  • Number of Unique Users (All time)

  • Number of Anonymous Users (All time)

The anonymous users are the user who did not provide names or contact details.

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