Entities And Other Data

Elevate your chatbot's linguistic prowess and data precision with Dhee's Multilingual Support for Entities and Responses

In this versatile section, Dhee offers a robust set of tools to empower your chatbot with multilingual capabilities. Explore the following sub-sections to enhance your bot's language flexibility and precision:


Add language-specific or multilingual project-related entities to fine-tune your bot's understanding of user input.

Agent Responses

Customise various responses your bot can provide, ensuring tailored interactions with users.

Directive Responses

Craft personalised input and output responses to meet the unique needs of your project.


Seamlessly translate content from one language to another to expand your bot's linguistic reach.

Query Substitutions

Substitute different words or queries with specific text or queries, enhancing user comprehension and interaction.

Abbreviation Text

Create substitutions for abbreviated texts, enabling clearer communication in your chatbot conversations.

Unlock the potential of multilingual support and data manipulation to create a chatbot that excels in understanding and engaging users across diverse languages and contexts.

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