Conversation Analytics

Unlock a wealth of insights through conversation analytics with Dhee's graphical reports module.

The conversation information could be further analyzed using a rich gallery of graphs. Some of the key graphs included in the Dhee.AI reports module are described below.

Daily Conversation Data

Conversation By Hour

The Daily conversation data can be further analyzed by hours to understand the peak hours of communication. This can help the Customer to manage his resources in a better way.

The graph sample shows that the max peak was reached around 10 AM. The traffic before 8 AM is seen to be comparatively lower.

Project Concurrencies

The Project concurrencies are used to depict the number of user agents used concurrently at different times of the day.

Conversation by Language

In the case of a multilingual bot, if the Customer is interested to compare the choice of language among the users, the Conversation By Language chart presents a summarized representation of the same.

Conversation By Source type

On other hand, if the Customer is interested to compare the source of access, he can view the Conversation By Source Type chart.

The chart displays the percentage of users who have used the Widget directly compared to users who have accessed the bot via Social Media.

Conversation By domain

Customers can compare the conversation data to obtain a comparison between different domains using the Conversation By Domain chart.

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