Dhee.AI's Edge Server for Telephony Achieves Breakthrough Optimization on Intel Architecture

Bengaluru, 15 March 2024

Conversational AI for Indic languages represents a pioneering advancement in artificial intelligence, empowering businesses across various industries to unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in their operations. With a focus on compute-intensive tasks such as speech recognition and synthesis, this solution revolutionizes operational workflows, data analysis, and decision-making processes.

The meticulous optimization process undertaken by Dhee.AI ensures that Conversational AI for Indic languages fully harnesses the power of Intel Architecture, resulting in remarkable performance enhancements. Through this optimization, the solution achieves faster processing times, reduced latency, and increased throughput for AI workloads, thereby delivering unparalleled efficiency and versatility across deployment scenarios.

Key highlights of the optimization include:

  • Inference performance speedup, reducing latency from 9 to 3 seconds for a concurrency of 10 streams.

  • Full utilization of Intel's powerful CPUs and GPUs, including the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-13700 processor and Intel ARC A770 GPU.

  • Seamless integration with Intel's extensive ecosystem of tools and libraries, streamlining the development and deployment of AI solutions.

"We are thrilled to announce the successful optimization of our Conversational AI for Indic languages on Intel Architecture," said Sreekumar Jairaj, CEO of Dhee.AI. "This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Intel's hardware, we are able to unlock new levels of performance, efficiency, and scalability, ensuring that our customers stay ahead of the curve."

Dhee.AI's optimized Conversational AI for Indic languages represents a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and excellence in the field of artificial intelligence. With this breakthrough optimization, businesses can expect enhanced capabilities, improved productivity, and unparalleled performance in their AI-driven endeavors.

For more information about Dhee.AI and its Conversational AI solutions, please visit https://dhee.ai.

About Dhee.AI: Dhee.AI is a leading provider of Conversational AI solutions, specializing in catering to the linguistic diversity of the Indian subcontinent. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Dhee.AI empowers businesses across various industries to leverage the power of AI for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in their operations. Through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise, Dhee.AI is transforming the way organizations engage with their customers and stakeholders, driving growth and success in the digital age.

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