Document Reading

Dhee.Ai allows the agent to learn from documents or passages. Provided with passage(s), the agent can use the knowledge acquired from them to reply to the queries of the user.

The passages can be added using the KnowlegeManagement->Documents section.

You can add a new passage using the + Button.

Passages can be auto-translated to other supported languages by enabling the auto-translate button.

The company provides flexible working hours to employees to ensure they maintain a healthy work-life balance. Employees can create their schedules and login based on their convenience

In addition, the company provides all its employees 15 days of medical leaves and 12 days of casual leaves in a year.

Agent deciphers useful knowledge from the passages and uses them for answering queries from the user. Consider the following passages.

With the learnings from the above passages, Agent can answer queries from the User regarding work-life balance and leaves.

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