Google RCS

Unlock the power of Google RCS by seamlessly integrating your chatbot, expanding your reach and enhancing user interactions

Ready to make your chatbot a part of Google RCS? It's a fantastic way to reach more users and create engaging conversations. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Activate Google RCS: Start by clicking the "Activate Google RCS" slider. This is the first step to bringing your chatbot to the Google RCS platform.

  2. Configure Google RCS: Now, let's get your chatbot ready for Google RCS:

    • RCS Client Token: Enter the RCS Client Token for your chatbot.

    • API Key: Safely provide the API Key required for integration.

  3. Save Configuration: Don't forget to save your Google RCS configuration settings to complete the integration.

With these steps, your chatbot will be seamlessly integrated with Google RCS, allowing you to reach a broader audience and deliver exceptional user experiences on this platform. Get ready to have meaningful conversations and provide valuable assistance to users on Google RCS!

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