Dhee.AI allows developers to sell their custom bots in the Dhee Store. To sell your agents in the Dhee Store, you need to provide information regarding the bot, including the client configurable information if any. This could be done using AgentSettings->BotStore.

The configurations are categorized into 3 key parts.

  • Basic Settings

  • Client Configurable Settings

  • BotStore Demo Configuration

We will delve into each of the configurations to understand it better.

Basic Settings

As the name suggests, the Basic Settings allows the developer to configure the basic meta-information about the bot. This include

  • Name: Name for your bot.

  • Description: Short description of what your bot specializes in.

  • Support Email: Configured email for contacting the support team

  • Support Phone Number: Registered phone number for contacting the support team

  • Website: Url of the developer website

  • Keywords: List of keywords associated with the bot. This is useful while consumers search for your bot in Dhee Store.

  • Plan Rate: Rate Plan for consuming your bot.

Additionally, you can add images for

  • Bot Introduction

  • Bot Preview Image

Both images need to be less than 512KB in size. The following image types are supported

  • JPG

  • JPEG

  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

You can enable to sell your bot by enabling the Sell in botstore configuration on the top right corner.

Client Configurable Settings

Often bots can be configured by client developers to suit their needs. This is done by exposing client configurable settings in your bot. The available client configurable settings can be added using AgentSettings->BotStore_Client-ConfigurableSettings.

Users can provide a collection of User Configurable Settings. Each configuration setting is identified by

  • Name: Unique name for identifying the setting

  • Description: Description of the configuration settings

  • Possible Values: Allows values for the configuration

  • IsOptional: True if the configuration is optional. False otherwise.

Botstore Demo Configuration

Botstore provides developers to browse the store and interact with the bots. The Botstore Demo Configuration allows the User to select the configuration values (previously defined in the Client Configurable settings) to be used in the demo.

If the bot doesn't have Client Configurable Settings, the section would be empty.

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