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Did you know? You can download Dhee's JavaScript APIs for creating custom voice assisted chat bots and voice bots from the GitHub page of DheeYantra.

JavaScript API for Voice assisted Chat bot

The API with example can be downloaded from here - https://github.com/DheeYantra/dhee-chatbot-api-js

Useful if you want a fully customised chat bot interface on your website, or in your Apps built using web technologies (Ionic, Cordova etc)

JavaScript API for Voice bot

If you want to initiate a voice call via web-sockets from your website to Dhee, this is the API you need - https://github.com/DheeYantra/dhee-voicebot-api-js

Server-to-Server REST API to integrate with your existing bot

If you already have a working chat bot and want to integrate Dhee.AI to it, here is the documentation on how you can use our REST APIs (web-hook) for the same.

JavaScript API for Streaming Voice Transcription

If you wanted to build your speech recognition application on the web, Cordova, Ionic etc, you can use our JS API which does streaming recognition. Its available here - https://github.com/DheeYantra/dhee-online-transcription-api-js

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