Join the voice revolution with Alexa integration and offer your chatbot's assistance through spoken interactions

Ready to empower your chatbot with voice capabilities on Alexa? It's an exciting step that enables spoken interactions and extends your chatbot's capabilities. Here's how to make it happen:

  1. Activate Alexa: Start by clicking the "Activate Alexa" slider. This is the first step in immersing your chatbot into the world of voice-enabled interactions with Alexa.

  2. Configure Alexa: Now, let's set up your chatbot for Alexa:

    • Alexa Skill ID: Provide the unique Alexa Skill ID associated with your chatbot.

    • Skill Name: Choose a name for your skill to ensure a smooth and intuitive integration with Alexa.

  3. Save Configuration: Don't forget to save your Alexa configuration settings to complete the integration.

With these steps, your chatbot will seamlessly integrate with Alexa, offering spoken interactions and taking your user engagement to the next level. Initiate conversations, answer questions, and deliver exceptional voice experiences with your chatbot on Alexa!

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