Create your bot project

Even the universe started out as project.

The first step towards building a bot is to create a new Project in the Dhee.AI portal. Login to our developer portal and start building your bot.

Create Project

The developer can use the Manage Project button in the dashboard to navigate to the Projects screen. Use the Create Project Button to create a new Project.

Once you have created the new project, you would be redirected to the Dashboard. Ensure that the Project selection in the drop-down is the one you desire.

Configure Bot

We will be deploying a multi-lingual bot. To enable the same, ensure your desired languages are selected using the AgentSettings->Basic Menu.

We would require our bot to support voice agents. You can enable voice agents using the AgentSettings->Voice Menu.

For the sake of this example, we will keep the Bots configuration to the minimum. If you are interested in exploring the different configurations you can provide for your bot, refer to our Configuration documentation.

To proceed to configure to Intends, refer to the Configure Intents.


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