Dhee.AI's sophisticated agents are pre-trained on the most common domains in the industry. This equips them to accurately interpret domain-specific contends and handle monotonous queries, thereby allowing businesses to make more use of their time productively.


Dhee.AI provides consumers the option to select their specific top-level domain while creating the Project.

The Top Level Domain would be preselected in the AgentSettings->Basic->Domain. Users can add additional custom domains using the Add button.

Sub Category

In addition, it also provides an option to create various sub-categories. These are helpful in generating analytic reports based on specific subcategories. The Add Sub Categories button on each of the created Domains allows Users to add subcategories.

Each Domain and Categories include a Name and Description for uniquely identifying them. Users can Edit or Delete existing domains and/or subcategories using the Edit and Delete button associated with each of them.

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