Extended Message Types

Please find below the extended message types Dhee is supporting.
[[EXT:BUTTON|{button-1}|{button-2}|....]] To display the items in a clickable button format for further processing upon click.
[[EXT:UNORDERED_LIST|{item-1}|{item-2}|....]] To display the items in a non-ordered format.
[[EXT:INTERACTIVE_LIST|{item-1}|{item-2}|....]] Similar to UNORDERED_LIST, but with interactive click option.
[[EXT:LINK|{URL-text}^{full-URL}]] To display a redirection URL on the chatbot.
URL-text will be the text shown on the chatbot for the redirection URL provided.
full-URL is the complete redirection URL.
[[EXT:FILEUPLOAD|{slot-name}|{MIME-types}^{MIME-types}|{file-max-size}]] To facilitate a file uploading option to the user.
slot name is the name of the slot where the uploaded file will be stored.
MIME-types is the allowed MIME file type for upload. Foe example, image^pdf
file-max-size is the maximum allowed size for the file uploaded.
[[EXT:CUSTOMTEXT|{some-text}]] To get the input from the user in a customised way. It can utilised while obtaining OTP.
some-text will be the text displayed inside the text area.
[[EXT:VIDEO|{video-URL}]] To play a video inside the chatbot
video-URL is the complete URL of the video to be played.
[[EXT:DOCUMENT|${document-URL}^${document-caption}^${document-file-name}]] This message type faciliates document download feature in the chatbot.
document-URL is the URL of the document.
document-caption is a text to be shown adjacent to the document
document-file-name is the name of the file when the document is downloaded. This is optional, default filename being the caption itself)