Extended Message Types

Explore a spectrum of dynamic message types to elevate your chatbot's interactive capabilities with Dhee's Extended Message Types.

Dhee offers a diverse range of extended message types to elevate your chatbot's interaction capabilities. Explore the following message types supported by Dhee:


  • Format: [[EXT:BUTTON|{button-1}|{button-2}|....]]

  • Use: Display items in a clickable button format for further user interaction upon click.


  • Format: [[EXT:UNORDERED_LIST|{item-1}|{item-2}|....]]

  • Use: Present items in a non-ordered, user-friendly format.


  • Format: [[EXT:INTERACTIVE_LIST|{item-1}|{item-2}|....]]

  • Use: Similar to UNORDERED_LIST but with interactive click options for each item.


  • Format: [[EXT:LINK|{URL-text}^{full-URL}]]

  • Use: Redirect users to an external URL, displaying specified text for the link


  • Format: [[EXT:FILEUPLOAD|{slot-name}|{MIME-types}^{MIME-types}|{file-max-size}]]

  • Use: Enable file uploads, specifying slot names, allowed MIME file types, and maximum file size.

  • slot name is the name of the slot where the uploaded file will be stored.

  • MIME-types is the allowed MIME file type for upload. Foe example, image^pdf.

  • file-max-size is the maximum allowed size for the file uploaded.


  • Format: [[EXT:CUSTOMTEXT|{some-text}]]

  • Use: Customize user input prompts, ideal for scenarios like obtaining OTPs.

  • some-text will be the text displayed inside the text area.


  • Format: [[EXT:VIDEO|{video-URL}]]

  • Use: Embed videos directly within the chatbot by providing the complete video URL.


  • Format: [[EXT:DOCUMENT|${document-URL}^${document-caption}^${document-file-name}]]

  • Use: Facilitate document downloads within the chatbot, specifying document URLs, captions, and optional file names.

  • document-caption is a text to be shown adjacent to the document

  • document-file-name is the name of the file when the document is downloaded. This is optional, default filename being the caption itself.

These extended message types offer versatile communication options to enhance user interactions and deliver rich content seamlessly within the chatbot environment.

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